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An Introduction to Wisdom from the Pandemic

In July 2020 Mayday was asked by Westminster City Council (WCC) to capture people’s experiences of lockdown during COVID-19; specifically, people who were sleeping rough, offered a space in a hostel, hotel or sought another solution. Mayday put together a team of seven people who went to London to strike up conversations with people who […]


I recently hit the milestone of 10 years at Mayday and I have come to accept that there may not be the ‘homeless revolution’ I had once envisioned. That’s fine. My time at Mayday has taught me that my view is one of many and the direction to challenge the failing homeless system needs to […]

Legs on a Snake

Richard Boylan, PTS Coach in Northamptonshire, reflects on the systems in place to support people through tough times – are we doing too much?

Solving the Wrong Problem

Andrew Durman, PTS Coach at Mayday Trust looks at the difference between being innovative and disruptive when working with people going through tough times.

House of Fun..?

Richard Boylan, PTS Coach, explores the impact of the use of labels and deficit language on people accessing help through a tough time.