Homeless System Under Deconstruction

Homelessness System Under Deconstruction sheds light on Mayday’s transformation from a small housing support provider running an inquiry into how people felt about the quality of support, to an organisation championing systems-change to support asset-based and personalised approaches. The report follows a chronological order, beginning with the early days of the Wisdom from the Streets Inquiry and our response, organisational cultural
change, model development and refinement, learning and evaluation, and tells stories of individuals who have found their spark and successfully transitioned out of homelessness.

The report brings together both our experience on the ground, and the findings from the research and evaluation team at the Logical Thinking Consultancy.

We hope this report starts a wider debate about how we work together to create the paradigm shift needed to improve our responses to people experiencing homelessness.

You can catch up with the presentations from the launch of this report and Mayday’s Personal Transitions Service here

Download full report: Homelessness System Under Deconstruction