How we are funded

Our work would not be possible without funding and donations from agencies, trusts, private companies and the general public. Thank you, to everyone who has contributed to our work with financial and in-kind donations.

“Tudor Trust feel that introducing a way of working based around recognising people’s assets and coaching them toward realising their goals and developing their own personal networks is not only courageous, but absolutely right. The PTS is a bold step toward challenging the current orthodoxy and introducing systemic change to the ‘homelessness sector.” The Tudor Trust

“The Personal Transitions Service is intrinsically hopeful as an approach, starting with people’s strengths and working to build upon them. It gives licence to aspiration as people look to the future. Comic Relief has long believed that good work is ‘person-centred’, and we are proud to be one of the funders supporting Mayday as they grow their approach into a movement!” Comic Relief