Lynn Mumford

Lynn Mumford is Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships at Mayday Trust and has been part of the organisation’s transformation from a regional supported housing provider to an organisation nationally pioneering systemic change within the homelessness sector. A strong believer in personalisation and people taking the lead, Lynn has spent 16 years working with social justice charities, including YWCA England & Wales, to expand their reach and increase their impact. Most recently, Lynn has led the development of a new movement for grassroots social change with 9 other homelessness organisations across the country calling for a paradigm shift so that the system works for people going through tough times.

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Mayday is an incredible organisation that is genuinely and bravely committed to its mission and turning traditional narrative and concepts on their head. Never afraid to innovate and adapt to bring about real impact for people going through the toughest of times. It is an exciting, relevant and inspiring organisation which I’m incredibly proud to be part of