Mayday Trust launches the Personal Transitions Service

Mayday Trust’s new Personal Transitions Service builds on individuals’ strengths, assets and ambitions as a way of transitioning out of tough times, such as homelessness, leaving prison, psychiatric hospitals or care. By replacing traditional key-working responses with inspiring asset-based coaching and highly personalised real world opportunities, individuals achieve their aspirations and move on with their lives quickly, with dignity and respect.

Over the past two and a half years, Mayday Trust has been delivering the Personal Transitions Service in Oxford.The launch event brought together the learning and experience of people who have been part of it, including Mayday Trust staff, people who have made incredible progress as a result of working with the Personal Transitions Service, and people and organisations who have funded and supported us.

You can catch up with the speeches here:

Pat McArdle- Deconstructing a broken system

Mayday’s Chief Executive, Pat McArdle describes why the sector requires a paradigm shift to transform how we tackle homelessness.

Sarah Hughes- Delivering system change on the ground

Mayday’s Asset Manager Sarah Hughes describes her experiences of bringing about systems change through delivering Personal Transitions Service.

WeiHsi Hu – Evaluating the Personal Transitions Service

WeiHsi Hu, the Director of Logical Thinking discusses their research looking into the effectiveness and impact of the Mayday Trust’s Proof of Concept for Personal Transitions Service.

Lankelly Chase – Personal Transitions Service and System Change

Julian Corner and Jess Cordingly from Lankelly Chase share their learning from funding and seeing the implementation of Proof of Concept for Mayday Trust’s Personal Transition Service in Oxford.

You can read our report from the Proof of Concept: Homelessness System under Deconstruction here.