The PTS in East Northants

If you’ve been managing a health condition for a long time it might feel like you’ve run out of options and you’re not being listened to. You might feel defined by your condition, trapped or frustrated.

Sometimes having someone to listen to you, to focus on you and to have an open and honest conversation with can make all the difference. Mayday Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based (PTS) Coaches do just this and are available to walk alongside you as you navigate a way forwards.

A PTS Coach…

Will listen and create the space and opportunity for you to explore what matters to you.

Will meet in a place where you feel comfortable and at a time that works for you.

Will walk alongside you as you identify and build on your strengths.

Will support you as you navigate a way forwards.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in?

The opportunity to work alongside a PTS Coach is open to anyone managing a long-term health condition in the East Northants area and does not require a referral from another organisation or Local Authority. To find out more get in touch with one of our PTS Coaches or you can also self refer using the link below.

Lilly – 07896 033496
Shauna – 07773 212804

For online self-referrals please visit