The Good Help Award

Good help or bad help?

Nesta and Osca recently published a report that highlights the difference between ‘good help’ – help that supports people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action, and ‘bad help’ – help that offers standardised ‘fix it’ style and that undermines people’s confidence, which makes activities such as parenting, finding a job and healthy living, much harder, and sometimes impossible.

Despite ample evidence for the benefits of ‘good help’ it is absent from many mainstream services and social programmes. The report highlights seven characteristics that services can use to explore whether the support that they offer is in line with ‘good help’ principles.

A ‘good help’ award is also currently open for applications with a first prize of £15,000. The award will recognise organisations or teams that demonstrate they are supporting people to transform their lives by helping them develop their sense of purpose and confidence to take action.

Mayday’s Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships, Lynn Mumford, is delighted to be taking a place on the judging Panel.

Mayday is delighted to be included in the Nesta’s Good and Bad Help Report, which can be downloaded in full on our Publications and Reports page