Urgent appeal – invest in someone’s future

It’s only with your support that Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based (PTS) Coaches can continue to work alongside people going through some of the toughest times in our communities, such as experiencing homelessness, coming out of prison or leaving the care system.

PTS Coaches work with people in a similar way to how a sports coach would with an athlete, focusing on their strengths and abilities and going from there. PTS Coaches are there for people at a time that’s right for them to ensure they can live the lives they choose. This is needed more than ever before.

“They don’t judge you on your past. It’s about what you are now and where you want to go forward.”

PTS Coaches are there for people experiencing tough times across the UK

Now more than ever, PTS Coaches are needed to offer support, unlock opportunities for people to explore their talents and strengths and feel part of their communities. Coaches walk alongside people through tough times to ensure they have choice and control over their lives, often after not having this for many years, so they can find and settle into their own accommodation, build relationships, find meaningful work and live lives they want.

“The way he encouraged me then is still with me now. And I still intend to get on the courses I had planned. He’s given me the determination to do it and the belief in myself that I will get this sorted.”

Your support makes this happen.

Your generous gift will mean someone who is currently struggling can receive one to one support from a PTS Coach and finally see a way forward. You can help hard-working PTS Coaches to be there when they’re needed.

Please donate what you can today.

£20 – your gift could pay for someone living in unstable accommodation to receive a two hour one to one session with a PTS Coach

£80 – your gift could pay for a month’s worth of PTS Coaching in the community when people need it the most

£180 – your gift could provide two months of PTS Coach support that will give someone the opportunity to think outside of their tough time, exploring who they are, where they want to be and how they are going to get there.