The Personal Transitions Service

The Personal Transitions Service is a person-led, transitional and strength-based approach to tackling homelessness and other tough times, such as leaving care, coming off drugs or alcohol, coming out of prison or psychiatric hospital. Find out more by watching our short video created by the Mayday PTS Team.

How we got here – Wisdom from the Street

In 2011, Mayday decided to do something new. We listened to people’s experiences and feelings about homelessness services. The two things that summerised what people said were:

1. The process, once you became homeless, was humiliating, dehumanising and at worst institutionalising. People were becoming trapped in homelessness services.

2. Too many people stayed too long. The outcomes for people weren’t good enough

Find out more about Wisdom from the Street

The results were so powerful that it led us to search the globe for a totally new approach.

From here we set about to create a new approach, one that would work for people going through tough times. Years of co-production and total organisational transformation followed, looking at what worked and what didn’t.

What doesn’t work

By focusing on areas of weakness or perceived deficits, people could only develop so far, yet focusing on strengths allows them to exploit their potential.

Fixing people doesn’t work as it focuses on the problem and not person, yet listening to a persons’ story demands a totally different response.

Segregating people from their communities and into services impacts on their identity and sense of purpose.

The current system focuses on the areas above, creating additional barriers for people going through tough times. These additional hurdles can often leave people feeling helpless, isolated and trapped – ultimately unable to leave services.

Moving forward

The Personal Transitions Service offers people going through tough times the opportunity to work with a PTS Coach in order to overcome these systemic barriers, to focus on strengths and take back control over their lives and the future they want.

Interested to find out more, why not attend a System Reflect one-day course?