11 of 13 ‘Real World’ Interventions

“I don’t need 2 years of key working just because I’m homeless. All I need to be able to get my fork lift licence so  I can get a job and move out with my partner and new baby.”

People talked about how they ended up in supported accommodation primarily because they needed accommodation. What was offered to them once they had moved in was mostly service led. Many people felt that just because they required a roof over their head, it didn’t mean they necessarily needed services to get them to where they needed to be. In reality, an opportunity or a new focus was all they needed. Sometimes they just wanted to feel like they were worthy of a bright future and to be offered the means to get there themselves.

We took action

We realised that not everyone needed us, or not so much of us. Sometimes, they just needed one simple thing to set them back on the right path. We started to invest directly in people and their talents through Mayday Talent Bonds. People can come to us with their own business plans to access funding to help them move forward quickly before they become entrenched in the system.

The PTS not only sees talent, but it invests in it, so quick transitions out of homelessness are possible.