Become a Strengths-based Organisation

Great organisations recognise that really listening and responding to the voices of people you are working with is part of what makes your organisation exceptional. To have the deepest impact, services need to be led by those they are looking to support.

Mayday Trust works with organisations supporting people going through tough times to explore how effectively they are engaging with and responding to those who need them.

How Mayday can help you

Having transformed our own services to take a radical approach when responding to people experiencing tough times, we will draw on our learning and those in our network who have adapted our PTS Response, to support you to look at how taking a strengths-based approach could enhance the impact of your work.

While our strategic advice offer is tailored to the needs of your organisation, some of the typical elements we would expect to bring would be:

What does a strengths-based organisation look like?

If you have any questions or would like more information on how you can work with Mayday then please get in touch.

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