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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Mayday recognises that a key failing of current support systems, and of the charity sector, is their poor record on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).  Failing systems around those experiencing tough times are damaging to everyone, but that damage is not experienced equally. Whether it is due to race, gender, disability, sexuality or how individuals may identify, broken systems make life harder for anyone who doesn’t conform to what is seen as ‘standard’ and for people who are experiencing process-led systems which are designed to exclude rather than include.

We understand that to truly create a radical and impactful organisation, which in turn influences systems change, EDI needs to be at the heart of everything we do.  We don’t claim to know the answers but we are committed to continually learning and evolving in order to be as accessible and inclusive as we can.

Click here to download our latest EDI action plan to see what we are doing to ensure we are continuing to evolve in this area. 

We are open to learning and development, so if you have suggestions for how we can continue to grow our commitment to EDI, please do get in touch. 


Disability confident employer 

We are proud to support the Disability Confident scheme and we are open to making reasonable adjustments to our application and interview process to ensure that everyone who would like to join us can apply for opportunities with confidence. Beyond recruitment, we are committed to ensuring accessibility throughout your Mayday journey as you become part of our staff team.

Disability Confident