Mayday and Platfform logos with an image that reads 'come together'

About Mayday Trust

Mayday Trust transformed itself from a traditional charity providing supported accommodation services, to a nationally-recognised voice for radical systems change. When Mayday heard from people that traditional services were failing to help and they were becoming trapped in broken systems, Mayday set about to transform the services it offered.

From here, Mayday developed strengths-based, person-led coaching for people experiencing tough times, such as homelessness or leaving care. It has used the learning and values of this approach to help organisations and local areas to redesign public service systems around practical strengths-based ways of working. This way of working alongside people is now recognised as the PTS Response – person-led, transitional and strengths-based: returning control to people to shape their own futures. 

The Mayday mission, work and team is now being fully integrated into the Platfform team as we finalise our merger.

Platfform is committed to taking forward the Mayday Trust mission for positive and lasting change in our public services and charities. This means that we will listen to the people we aim to serve, that we will fight for social justice, and that we acknowledge that we have much work to do ourselves to live our values and work towards becoming equitable and diverse.

We have a huge amount of work to do, much to learn from the people and communities we serve, and a vital mission in difficult times.

Mayday is also proud to be a partner of the New System Alliance – a network of organisations and individuals working to change systems that surround tough times. You can sign-up free today for the latest news, resources and events. 

Our Values

We are: 

  • PEOPLE LED In everything we do: we are led by people going through tough times. 
  • STRENGTHS-BASED We always look for people’s strengths and potential in our work, our recruitment and how we work together as a team. 
  • CHANGE MAKERS We are radical, creative and imagine a very different future, while always being willing to meet people where they are.  
  • KIND AND CURIOUS We are never afraid to challenge others and ourselves, but we do so with kindness and humility. We are curious and want to learn. We take risks, get things wrong and are open to change. 
  • RESILIENT We are brave, we persevere and we aim to build our own and others’ resilience. We keep our promises and we don’t give up on people when others write them off. 
  • INCLUSIVE We are committed to building the inclusiveness and diversity of our team and our work. We challenge oppression and build equality wherever we can.