Wisdom from Behind Closed Doors

Capturing the voices of people living in supported housing, sleeping rough and sofa-surfing.

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Introduction to Wisdom from Behind Closed Doors

Based on our experience of working with people from all backgrounds…
10th November 2018/by Stephanie

1 of 10: The right to move on

If I get a job my benefits will mess up. I won’t be able to afford my rent, then what? I'm back on the streets.
11th November 2018/by Stephanie

2 of 10: Understanding a situation

They kept asking me if I had any health issues. I kept saying no. Then it dawned on me, I went into A&E and said I was suicidal. They admitted me and I escaped the rain.
12th November 2018/by Stephanie

3 of 10: Stability over instability

I have moved 6 times since losing my home. I have had to prove that I can look after myself, and now I’m probably moving again. It makes me feel worthless.
12th November 2018/by Stephanie

4 of 10: Somewhere to call home

I don’t want to be ungrateful but it’s like, when you trash your flat they fix it, make it nicer than before. But if you keep your head down and look after it, then you get nothing.
13th November 2018/by Stephanie

5 of 10: A human welcome

I could have done with a plant in my room, just to make it personal, rather than processing me like a number.
14th November 2018/by Stephanie

6 of 10: Positive connections

I have no friends, my family aren't allowed to see me, I don't have a job, I don't have money. I'm staying in my room looking at four walls. This isn't living.
15th November 2018/by Stephanie

7 of 10: Treating people as people

I’m scared that once I go into the system, I won’t come out. Instead I sleep on the night bus until I go to college in the morning. I look forward to college. It makes me feel normal.
16th November 2018/by Stephanie

8 of 10: The right advice

Things got out of control. I lost the kids and I couldn’t pay my rent. I asked for help and they didn’t listen. What am I meant to do?
17th November 2018/by Stephanie

9 of 10: Removing the labels

I’m so scared of people finding out where I live, I walk home on my own after my evening class, just to avoid having to tell people and being judged.
18th November 2018/by Stephanie

10 of 10: Having control

Imagine suffering years of abuse and then being forced to live with men you don’t know. What would you do?
19th November 2018/by Stephanie