The PTS Response at Mayday

When seeking help through a tough time people often become trapped in services and face barriers created by the systems set up to help.  Support systems can leave people feeling forced to sacrifice their dignity or revisit trauma in order to evidence need or access help, sometimes feeling controlled by services trying to ‘fix’ things instead of being met on a human level.  Through listening deeply to those we walk alongside, Mayday is taking a radical approach in its work and that starts with putting relationships first.

Our response

The Person-led, Transitional and Strengths-based (PTS) Response is for people looking for support through a tough time. Our first goal is always to build a trusting, equal and purposeful relationship. That relationship is led by the person seeking support, in locations and on a timescale that works for them. The evidence shows that our approach can enable people to:

  • Identify and work towards meaningful goals and changes
  • Connect or reconnect with others; explore and build their local community
  • Challenge what’s not working for them, and even shape better services and systems

The PTS Response was evaluated over a two-year period by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) Consulting.  The findings showed that the approach was effective, potentially cost-saving and creating real and lasting impact. Click here to download the report.

The Values of the PTS Response

Understanding the reality of people’s lives

Through continuous listening and reflection, the PTS is constantly evolving and moving into new areas. We don’t see labels and recognise that tough times are unique to each individual and often complex. However, to demonstrate how the PTS is currently being applied we have divided it into the following areas.

Strengths-based and Person-led work in context