Strengths-based Social Prescribing

For someone managing a long-term health condition, it can be tough. A person may have taken all the routes they believe are available to them, yet still haven’t found the support they want. It can be an isolating time, which can make a person feel defined by a diagnosis.  

Social prescribing can link people with vital community support, helping them find more effective ways to improve their health and well-being, and reducing their demand for medical services which may not be able to help them. It works, but in some areas it is limited. Less effective social prescribing:

  • Relies too heavily on ‘signposting’ – often to stretched services
  • Isn’t based on an evidence-based health coaching model
  • Is delivered by people who lack coaching skills and training

Why strengths-based social prescribing?

Mayday strengths-based approach to social prescribing combines three kinds of support:

  • Strengths-based coaching led by the individual
  • Connecting community and personal budgets
  • Support to challenge and change what doesn’t work