The PTS Response for everyone

We all experience tough times differently and sadly people can often become trapped in services and face barriers created by the systems set up to help.  Support systems can leave people feeling forced to sacrifice their dignity or revisit trauma in order to evidence need or access help, sometimes feeling controlled by services trying to ‘fix’ things instead of being met on a human level.  Through listening deeply to those we walk alongside, Mayday is taking a radical approach to our work with those facing tough times that starts with relationship first and removing restrictive eligibility criteria.

Why a strengths-based response to tough times?

By offering the PTS Response without people having to prove their need in order to gain a referral, Coaches can build a rapport with someone wanting support through a tough time, find out what matters to them and walk alongside them as they reshape their future. Strength-based coaching starts with a relationship and builds on a foundation of trust combing three kinds of support:

  • Strengths-based coaching on your terms
  • Connecting community and personal budgets
  • Support to challenge and change what doesn’t work