Why a strengths-based response to young people

Offering support to young people through the Person-led, Transitional, Strength-based (PTS) Response allows PTS Coaches to build relationships with individuals based on trust and honesty, to focus on strengths and create links to social and community activities that are outside of the scope of work of traditional youth services.

Previous Success

In 2016, the PTS Response was paired with Social Investment and Social Impact Bonds (SIB) as an effective way of financing highly person-led, strengths-based work.

Be the Change, a SIB for young people experiencing homelessness was commissioned through First for Wellbeing in Northamptonshire, which was a pioneering social enterprise set up as a partnership between Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Northampton. Bridges Fund Management provided upfront funding and support.

Funding the PTS Response through a SIB gave Coaches the freedom to tailor their approach to the precise requirements of the person they were working alongside, without encountering imposed and unhelpful output measures and contract requirements.

Be the Change was the first Local Authority commissioned SIB in the UK and was incredibly successful in supporting young people through tough times. Read an in-depth review of Be the Change