8 of 10: The right advice

“Things got out of control. I lost the kids and I couldn’t pay my rent. I asked for help and they didn’t listen. What am I meant to do?”

What we heard time and time again was how the smallest of problems could spiral out of control. Often this was down to people being given the wrong advice or jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Most people found it difficult to navigate the housing system, with some people receiving misinformation or not being informed of their right to appeal decisions. Many failed to asked questions just because they didn’t want to make a fuss or because they felt that they wouldn’t be listened to.

Mayday’s Response

Building up good working relationships with local Citizens Advice services, law centres and other advice and advocacy centres can ensure people know where and how to get the best housing and benefit advice.

In addition to this, Mayday recommends maintaining regular contact with people before, during and after their transition into their new home. This means that people will feel supported and the lines of communication stay open, avoiding the escalation of day to day problems.