5 of 10: A human welcome

“I could have done with a plant in my room, just to make it personal, rather than processing me like a number.”

When asked how people felt when moving into supported accommodation many said they felt lonely and it was like living in an ‘empty shell’.

Moving into a new home is stressful, especially if you’re transitioning from being on the streets, so being alone in a new place with a sparsely furnished room can sometimes feel just as isolating. This transition from being homeless to moving into accommodation was a significant issue for the people who talked to us. It was important to feel welcomed and to have information both on the local area and who to contact in case things go wrong.

Mayday’s Response

Our first task was to ensure people felt welcomed. There is now a welcome protocol which expects staff to make regular contact with the people they are working with before and after moving in and this can include going out for a coffee or lunch in order to spend time getting to know the local area. In addition, a new personalised Welcome Pack is on the way; an information guide and a pack with the basic supplies, just like people get when they move into a new house.

The new protocol and Welcome Pack aims to make the transition into their new home as bearable as possible for people. We hope to stop people from feeling isolated and instead make sure they feel welcome and in control of the situation.