The Mayday Strengths-based Network is Here!

It’s here – a brand new network for organisations and practitioners who are working in a strengths-based way and looking to transform the systems that surround public services, so that people accessing them can take back control of their lives and futures.

People seeking support often become trapped in services and face barriers created by the systems that have been set up to help them. Traditional support services focus on people’s weaknesses and the problems they are facing, and the support is based on the service’s priorities, not the person’s.

To change this, organisations and practitioners in the Mayday Strengths-based Network are modelling a different approach with people who are seeking support. Our approach focuses on forming a trusting relationship with people, focusing on their strengths, potential, and aspirations, and empowering them to challenge and change what’s not working for them.

Creating change alone can be tough, but by joining the Mayday Strengths-based Network, your practitioners will be supported to develop their practice, grow in confidence and be nurtured by a community of like-minded peers. Working as a network means your voice and the experience of the people you work with is louder, giving us a shared platform to influence systems change for the better.