Wisdom 5 of 7 – A good life is being able to see family and friends

“A good life would be to get back to my children and live with them.”

One of the most prominent themes was the desire to reunite with family and, sometimes, close friends. One person stated that having a good life would mean returning to their home country where their children still were, describing their living far away in a country that did not feel as safe as “really difficult”. Many others discussed the distress of having family back in their home country.

“I hope to join my family … By some miracle, we will be together.”

“My wish is to be united with my children.”

For many, being with their families once again was fundamental to having a good life, particularly for those who had children.

“A good life is all family and close friends with you and healthy, not about richness, expensive things. Family is the most important thing.”