3 of 9 The asset-based bandwagon

“The approach gets diluted as everyone says they are doing strength-based work without understanding the level of change that’s really involved.”

One thing that really stood out was the difference between saying you were doing something and really doing it.. The PTS has been developed as a whole framework for change, which requires a huge shift, not just in the delivery approach, but in data capture and measurement. HR processes and recruitment practices, income generation and marketing, how organisations listen and learn from the grassroots to inform wider strategy, and everything in between

The PTS is an approach, not a service model. Committing to this and making yourself and your organisation vulnerable to unlearn what you thought was best practice and re-evaluate every aspect of your culture and values is a personal journey, not just professional.

Articulating this, however, can be a struggle. To get across the difference to other providers, funders and commissioners that this way of implementing strength-based and person-led work is evidence-based, takes a positive approach to risk and is more respectful for people is tough; especially when many are unaware of the ripple effect that takes place once power is placed with Practitioners and the people they work alongside.

In response, the Partnership informed and developed the PTS Accreditation which captures the vast nuances of learning experienced by each organisation. This mark of fidelity represents that the approach, culture and willingness to positively influence through doing was person-led, transitional and strength-based and at the core of an organisation’s mission.