A Changing Vision and Mission

As an organisation Mayday has undergone a transformation from being a conventional service provider in the Social Care sector, to a pioneer in challenging the systems available to people experiencing tough times. This has led to much exploration and refinement of the problem Mayday is trying to solve, its Vision and Mission:

The Problem:

The systematic institutionalisation of people going through tough times

The Vision:

A world where systems work for people going through tough times

The Mission:

To reconstruct the system by providing people going through tough times access to the Personal Transitions Service, whilst influencing others in the sector to adopt person-led, transitional and strength-based approaches

Pat McArdle, Mayday Trust CEO, looks at Mayday’s transition in her blog We’re working to fix a broken System

Mayday’s Values

We see talent. We build on strengths, abilities and potential

No limits. Mayday sees no limits to what we can achieve as individuals or as an organisation

People first. Mayday works with people first, not labels. For us, it’s the individual that matters

Together. Mayday encourages partnerships with individuals groups and organisations that share our ideals

Every contribution counts. At Mayday everyone’s view, opinion and actions matter

Integrity. Mayday is passionately committed to being open, honest and trustworthy

Embracing diversity. Mayday will value and grow diversity, and explicitly challenge issues of inequality