A Changing Vision and Mission

As an organisation Mayday has undergone a transformation from being a conventional service provider in the Social Care sector, to a pioneer in challenging the systems encountered by people experiencing tough times. This has led to much exploration and refinement of the problem Mayday is trying to solve, its Vision and Mission:

The Problem:

The systematic institutionalisation of people going through tough times

The Vision:

A world where systems work for people going through tough times

The Mission:

To model a Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based (PTS) Response alongside people going through tough times whilst attracting others to change current deficit-based systems 

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Our Values

We are committed to social justice and passionate about a paradigm shift in the current systems.

We act together, working collectively, with integrity, humility, and respect, and building trust through open and honest listening, reflection, and inclusion.

We bravely model person-led change and positively challenge ourselves, each other, and current deficit-based systems.

We are uncompromisingly mission focused and committed to the fidelity of people’s experiences, diversity, and working in a person-led way for the benefit of people, communities, and wider society.

We are: Together, Brave, Passionate, Uncompromising.

We act with Humility and Respect.