8 of 9 Principles vs framework

“Joining a movement is important to get others to listen. It gives individuals the strength to have a voice and do something.”

The PTS is a dynamic mechanism for individual, organisational, cultural and systemic transformation.

As such, it is based on a strong vision and set of unifying principles which allows partners to be guided by the fundamentals of the approach, whilst adapting to the local context and constantly learning from the frontline.

The nature of the partnership is to remain bespoke because this felt like the right way to ensure the organic development of the movement without suffocating what emerges through restrictive, mandatory processes. This allowed the individuals and organisations to apply the PTS to their unique contexts and make sense of what it was showing on their turf.

Being part of a collective helped to leverage credibility to have those challenging discussions and share the wider impact. Having individual ownership of the agenda to learn, reflect and influence ensured the nuances remained personal and not a blanket narrative which created the opportunity to develop independent solutions which informed our wider strategy.

Partnerships focused on mission, with a culture of openness, honesty and a healthy appetite for risk lend themselves to the real-world nature of prototyping and emergent new systems.