The PTS and Social Investment

Mayday’s Person-led, Transitional, Strength-based Response (PTS) has been developed to work with Social Investment and Social Impact Bonds as an effective way of financing highly person-led, strength-based work.

Funding the PTS through a Social Impact Bond (SIB) allows frontline staff to deliver only to outcomes and gives them the freedom to tailor the approach to the precise requirements of the individual without encountering imposed and unhelpful output measures and contract requirements.

Social Impact Bonds

Over the past 5 years, Mayday Trust has worked closely with Social Finance Intermediaries, Numbers for Good, to structure a robust Social Impact Bonds (SIB) framework and contract that delivers outcomes for people experiencing homelessness using the PTS Response.

The PTS SIB for young people experiencing homelessness, Be the Change was commissioned through First for Wellbeing in Northamptonshire, which was a pioneering social enterprise set up as a partnership between Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Northampton.

Upfront funding and support were provided by Bridges Fund Management. Mayday received payments when young people moved into stable community-based accommodation and when they found employment.

The first Local Authority commissioned SIB

Be the Change was the first SIB for people experiencing homelessness in England, where the local commissioners are the primary outcomes payers.

Through this pilot initiative, we successfully demonstrated the case for more commissioners, investors, and organisations to engage in the SIB market by replicating the PTS SIB in new areas. Measures around healthcare and offending are also being captured to demonstrate the broader social impact of the PTS.

If you are a Local Authority or delivery organisation looking to get involved or would like to discuss the potential of commissioning a PTS SIB in your area, please get in touch.

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