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Poker Chips

Can you bet big? What does having a big stack of chips really mean? Asset Coach, Richard Boylan explores what reality is like for people who aren’t in the position to risk it all.

Mayday Trust launches the Personal Transitions Service

Mayday Trust’s new Personal Transitions Service builds on individuals’ strengths, assets and ambitions as a way of transitioning out of tough times, such as homelessness, leaving prison, psychiatric hospitals or care. By replacing traditional key-working responses with inspiring asset-based coaching and highly personalised real world opportunities, individuals achieve their aspirations and move on with their lives quickly, […]

The Good Help Award

Good help or bad help? Nesta and Osca recently published a report that highlights the difference between ‘good help’ – help that supports people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action, and ‘bad help’ – help that offers standardised ‘fix it’ style and that undermines people’s confidence, which makes activities such as parenting, finding a job […]