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Location: Flexible Two days per week for an eight to ten-week period Flexible working hours can be considered Mayday Trust is an organisation with a network of passionate social activists working to bring about systemic change, whilst offering people going through tough times such as homelessness, leaving care, coming out of prison or experiencing emotional […]

Brokering Opportunities

Samantha Abram, PTS Coach at The Brick, explores Brokering opportunities and what it looks like when the term is brought to life through the Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based (PTS) Response.

Just say no!

Lynn Mumford, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships at Mayday, shares the harsh realities and the surprising opportunities that come from being truly mission led and challenging the current systems that surround tough times.

To conclude

The experiences people shared with Mayday were both positive and negative. For some COVID and the response of the organisations involved had resulted in a fresh start, an opportunity for people to move on with their lives. Many people praised the work of key workers and outreach teams for doing their best in an impossible […]

7 of 8 Home

“I was given temporary accommodation, but I feel isolated. I was getting depressed. I’m not used to four walls, it was uncomfortable. I come out here, it’s my home.”