A Message from Pat McArdle, CEO Mayday Trust

This week the murder of George Floyd has reminded us of the institutional racism that exists not only in the US but in this Country. The oppression that is experienced by black people all over the world. Many are speaking out but the question raised within Mayday is what follows the pain and outrage

Can we create something now that survives beyond the hashtag?

I have felt distraught, ashamed that I haven’t done enough but I am determined to do more.

I am inspired by the advice of Dr. Muna Abdi:

  • Own your privilege
  • Talk about the uncomfortable
  • Be strategic in your activism
  • Figure out where and how you can do the most good
  • Start where you are
  • Ask yourself what do I want the future to look like
  • Do your research
  • Resist the white savior complex
  • Start with your own circle
  • Be brave

Reference can be found here

Mayday Trust believes that #BlackLivesMatter

System Reflect

There’s a lot of talk within the sector around strength based practice and asset based work, but what does it mean to really work in a genuinely person-led way?

Based on years of experience developing a whole systems approach to strength based work, we are delighted to present System Reflect, a one day session that shares the learning (and sometimes the pain) of developing and delivering the Personal Transitions Service, a highly personalised, grassroots approach that places power and control in the hands of the people, not the system.

This session is experiential and allows for reflection on the current deficit based system, debunks some of the myths around people going through tough times. It aims to challenge mind-sets and behaviours around ‘fixing’ and power dynamics, explores how strength based approaches work in practice and how internal culture and external systems need to change to create the environment for people to genuinely take the lead.

Course Content

  • Reflection on the current deficit/ needs based system
  • Overview, background and development of the Personal Transitions Service
  • Reflection on the effects of the current system for the people we work with
  • Fixing and segregation
  • Strength based, person-led approach in practice
  • Internal culture
  • Contributing to wider systemic change

Session Outcomes

  • Gain an improved understanding of the current deficit system
  • Reflection on the impact of traditional services on people going through tough times, such as homelessness
  • Gain greater insight of how the current system feels for those going through it
  • Gain knowledge of how PTS was developed and the benefits for people going through tough times
  • Learn the basics of the PTS and practice how to apply them when working with people going through tough times

Who’s it for?

  • Individuals working with people going through tough life transitions
  • Volunteers
  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Marketing and Fundraising Teams
  • Housing Teams
  • Anyone who has a passion for systems change!
Want to know more or book you place in the next course? Get in touch innovate@maydaytrust.org.uk